Weekend Project: How to Organize Your Garage

Is your garage packed with stuff that you hardly ever use? You might not even know what’s in there, especially if you’ve been parking in the driveway. Maybe it’s time to tackle organizing the garage for your next weekend project. It might not be considered fun, but it will be rewarding once it’s done! Follow these tips from Callen Construction, Milwaukee’s leading exterior remodeling company, to get this space into shape.

Weekend Project: How to Organize Your GarageChoose a Weekend for Organizing the Garage

Don’t let the idea of giving up an entire weekend to work on this project keep you from doing it. If you follow the tips provided here, you may even get it done in a single day!

Create a Plan

Before you start, identify the items that you need to store in your garage. Sort all items into three categories: keep, donate, and discard. Sorting your items by category allows you to see how much stuff you have. If you take out all items that don’t belong in there, your organizing job will be that much easier to manage.

Purchase Shelves, Hooks, Tubs & Pegboards

Think ahead and stock up on shelving, pegboards, hooks, and plastic bins to help you store materials neatly. Make sure you take measurements before you purchase to ensure everything will fit on walls and in the storage space you have available.

Group Items and Choose a New Layout

Now that you know what you will keep, you can figure out the best layout for your garage. Hang cords, tools, and other frequently used items from hooks or pegboards. Place like items in stackable plastic bins and store neatly on shelves.

Perfect! Now that you’ve redesigned your garage, you might have noticed that your siding needs replacing or your entry doors should be repaired before winter. If so, Call Callen at 414-765-2585 for a free estimate on any exterior remodeling project. After all, the only thing better than a well-organized garage is a well-maintained home exterior that makes you proud every time you pull in the driveway!

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