Interior Color Trends for Spring 2018

Just as people are ready for some color after a long winter of dull browns and grays, homeowners are looking to move beyond boring neutrals and inject a little color into their living spaces. From soft pastels and barely-there color to bolder hues, we can all look forward to a little more warmth and variety in interior colors this spring. If you’re ready to update your interior, try these colors shared by your favorite local remodeling company, Callen Construction.

Interior Color Trends for Spring 2018

Creamy Whites

While stark white can make a room feel too clinical, creamy whites are much warmer and more inviting. They also do a better job of making a space feel cozy and welcoming than the somewhat somber grays that have been popular in recent years – and work particularly well when paired with natural wood tones and materials and neutral textures.

Warm Neutrals

If you’re still a fan of neutrals, never fear – there are more options beyond tans and cool grays. To bring a little more warmth into your surroundings, try shifting more toward beige, taupe and hazelnut. Or if you can’t do without gray, choose a warmer “greige”, which is a combination of beige and gray.

Soft Pastels

For a fresh, springy feel with just a hint of color, powder blues and muddy pinks are the way to go. With just enough pigment to add interest without making the room feel like a nursery, either of these color trends will serve to energize your space this season.

Sage Greens

Whether used as an accent or encompassing an entire wall, sage green is an excellent choice year-round. Light enough to bring in some color without being overwhelming, it goes with pretty much anything, and it pairs particularly well with neutrals.

Medium Blues

If you’re feeling a little more bold this spring, medium blues that have been toned down with gray are expected to replace the dark navy blues that have been favored the past several years. Medium blue is a great color option for both contemporary and more traditional interiors.

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