Spring Home Exterior Evaluation

I just returned from a radio station cruise and was expecting snow and cold when I got back. To our pleasant surprise, when we landed in Wisconsin (and maybe because it was daylight saving time), it now feels like spring.

It got me to thinking how quick warm weather will be here and all of the fun and excitement that Wisconsin summers bring. In summer we are outside a lot, walking dogs, playing with the kids, or just sitting on the front porch or back deck.

I encourage you to think about your home’s exterior and all the possibilities it brings. Is your home ready for the nice weather that is coming? Maybe you’re tired of the maintenance of staining and painting your wood siding. Do your shingles have black streaks on them (a personal pet peeve of mine)? Is the paint cracking around your windows?

Sometimes a simple rip in the screen of your storm door will take attention away from your home’s beauty. Remember that curb appeal is everything. Not just for real estate and those of you thinking of selling your home, but for the pride of home ownership. Don’t you want to pull in your driveway and see your home shine?

Over the years, at the homes my wife and I have owned, Callen has installed everything from Gutter Topper to a new roofing system, from adding new windows to doors being replaced. The front entry door at our current home particularly stands out. We added sidelights and it brings in abundant natural light. Plus the storm door actually works, and is very sturdy and attractive! Remember Callen’s expertise when it comes to the exterior of your home. It’s what started the company over 30 years ago.

Now that spring is here, take a walk around your house. Nobody knows it better than you. Determine what needs attention the most, then Call Callen for a no obligation consultation. The professionals at Callen put the WOW in our home’s exterior, and they can do the same to yours!

Spring Home Exterior Evaluation