Window Project Enhances Look and Improves Comfort

So, you saw photos of the latest window installed by Callen at our home in Cedarburg. It has the “WOW” factor that Callen refers to when talking about the remodeling jobs it completes.

Callen Bog - Paul Kronforst July 2017 073117 IMG_4822Well, the project is now all done! This was a BIG window that required new insulation all around it. Callen not only showed me the old rotted wood, but explained what they planned to do after the window was in. Yes, those details like caulking, sealing it up, and cleaning the job site so everything looks perfect.

I don’t have much time for household jobs, as cutting the grass and general maintenance inside and outside is about all I want and have time to do. I despise painting, and do it only when absolutely necessary.

I know some homeowners want to paint to save a bit of money. Great, if that’s your thing. This job required scaffolding and a VERY large ladder. The inside trim was entirely replaced and required priming, a coat of paint… and lots of work up high on that ladder (Did I mention that I’m also terrified of heights). I told Callen I would prefer not to paint and have them do it. They said they have their own painting crews (avoiding subcontractors) and these skilled painters did what they do best – paint!

Callen Bog - Paul Kronforst July 2017 073117 IMG_4844I could not be happier with how it matched our existing white trim and how clean and precise the painting was. Callen really does it all… I didn’t have to lift a finger, except to take the pictures when it was finished!

This window has been in for a few weeks and the air conditioner is on this summer in the Kronforst household, but it is not kicking in as much. It is also much cooler, with less humidity in the house. I am convinced the previous large window was the culprit. As I explained in my blog last month, when the seals on that window became ineffective (it was the biggest piece of glass in our home), we were in trouble.

I cannot wait to discuss our master bath (featuring a large glass walk-in shower) and bump out walk-in closet project done a few years ago for the next blog, complete with before and after photos. This renovation added so much to our entire home’s “WOW” factor and value.

Until then, check out Callen’s website with a gallery of photos or its Facebook page, which is loaded with terrific information (and more photos).

Paul Kronforst, WISN-AM 1130

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Window Remodel: Before (Paul Kronforst Review)

Window Remodel: Before | Paul KronforstI am going to do things backwards in terms of the projects that Callen has done on our home, starting with the current project. Callen is going to replace a VERY large original window (23 years old) that is a focal point of our home. The current window has rotted wood and the seal is broke. You may have seen this in windows – the milky or foggy look between the panes of glass. Once the seal is broken, there is no fixing a window.

The photo that accompanies this blog post shows the window. Note that it will be a challenge to take the original glass out, and replace it with two windows instead of the one big piece of glass. This is where Callen shines. I cannot say enough about the quality of the install and the professionalism, courtesy, and cleanliness of the guys that come into your home. Callen lets you know well in advance when the crews are coming, they will call you on the way, and they thoroughly explain every job before and after. There is no confusion and the communication is excellent.

We are going with the Marvin Infinity window, which is fiberglass. These windows are outstanding, as Callen has installed them throughout our entire home. I will talk about that installation, including the bay window, our patio door, and entry door, in future blogs.

Every home should have at least one WOW factor – this window is what you see when you walk up the path to our front door. The front of our house has a northern exposure and rotted wood is very common with the lack of sunshine. Several of the neighbors up and down the block have had the same problem with the northern side of their homes. For more strength and durability, Callen designers suggested going with two windows. Instead of wood, there will be a composite material on the outside, which will eliminate the potential for rotting. Added benefits of the new window are energy efficiency for summer and winter, plus aesthetics.

We cannot wait for this window to be installed. My next blog will have the finished photos, as well as an explanation of the installation process. Talk to you soon!

– Paul Kronforst of “The Remodeling Show” on News/Talk 1130 WISN




Installation of Energy Efficient Windows Continues to be a Popular Home Improvement

Does your home seem cool in the winter and warm in the summer? If so, it may be worth your while to investigate this inconvenience, rather than ignore it. Chances are, the culprits of your discomfort are outdated windows.

Older windows often leak air between your house and the outdoors, which makes your heating and cooling systems work overtime. “Replacing your home’s old windows with properly sealed, energy efficient replacement windows is a step in the right direction,” said Christopher Wittmann, CR, an exterior product specialist with Callen. “Installing energy-efficient windows will not only lower energy bills, but also improve your comfort and reduce condensation,” Christopher said.

Faulty windows are one of the primary sources of energy drain in an average home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, traditional windows can waste up to 30% of energy used to heat or cool a building. “If you don’t want your energy dollars to seep through the cracks, it’s important to replace your out-of-date windows with Energy Star rated windows,” Christopher said.

Installation of Energy Efficient Windows Continues to be a Popular Home ImprovementThere are two main ways in which new windows can increase home energy efficiency and comfort. First, they eliminate air exchange. When windows are sealed improperly, there is an exchange between the warm and cool air in your home and the outdoors. “Every time your home loses air, your heating and cooling systems have to work overtime to replace it and maintain the optimum temperature,” he said. “Properly sealed windows will eliminate these leaks and seal any drafts.”

Second, they provide proper insulation. Even with storm windows installed, single paned windows allow radiant energy to leave your home, while newer windows with insulated double-paned Energy Star rated glass provides a proper insulating seal around your home.

“The window replacement process is enjoyable and hassle-free at Callen,” Christopher said. “We offer a one-stop shopping experience, with knowledgeable guidance from your first visit all the way through installation. Whether it be a vinyl, wood or the more prevalent fiberglass products, Callen offers all the popular energy efficient patio door and window styles – double-hung, casement, glider, awning, bow, and bay.”

For more information or to arrange an initial showroom consultation, call Callen at 414-529-5509.



Advice on When It’s Time to Replace Windows

By Brad Flannigan

Callen Blog - When to Replace Windows 082916Warm weather really calls to attention the many things that need to be done to keep the exterior of the home in good condition. Homeowners often find that when they tackle that spring cleaning chore of window washing, they run into problems. Mainly, they can’t open the window properly, find that the “fogging” can’t be removed by cleaners, and discover the wood frames are showing signs of rot.

Callen offers other signs that it’s time to consider window replacement.

  • Sticking windows: Difficulty opening and closing or windows are painted or nailed shut and impossible to open. This is the most obvious sign you need a window replacement.
  • Windows that need to be propped open: The balance is the mechanism that keeps the window up when you open it. When the balance fails, the window no longer remains up when opened and can slam shut, posing a serious safety hazard.
  • Condensation/Fogging: This is a sign that water vapor or even rain or ice is able to penetrate the seal. When you see damp spots by the seal after a storm, this is a sign the window is losing its ability to be a barrier between the external elements and your home.
  • Noise: Hearing the sounds of traffic, noisy neighbors, or even the sounds of nature.
  • Drafts: You should never feel or notice cold air seeping in. Your cooling and heating systems will have to work harder to compensate for infiltration, resulting in higher energy bills.
  • Warping: Wood windows can warp as a result of exposure to moisture of the elements. Poor seals can lead to flooding in rain events, diminished durability, and even window failure.
  • Hardware: Rusty, too tight, or too loose.
  • Single-Pane Windows: Old single-pane windows are not constructed to keep out drafts and damaging UV rays.
  • Appearance: Chipping, deterioration, water stains, or an outdated style that doesn’t blend well with the rest of the house.

“Choosing replacement windows is an important decision because you want your new windows to not only save money and keep your home free of drafts, but also you want them to be easy to clean and operate, be virtually maintenance free, durable, and enhance the home’s beauty and character,” said Brad Flannigan, exterior product specialist for Callen.

Installation options include both full frame replacement and insert replacement. With a full frame installation, the entire window, sashes, frame, stops, and interior casing are removed down to the framing studs. Full frame replacement allows for a complete restoration of the opening and addresses any problems that may be occurring behind the casing.

An insert installation starts with the sashes and stops of the existing window being removed, while the interior casings and frame of the existing window stay and the new window is installed into the frame of the existing window.

“When choosing a replacement window, visiting a showroom is very helpful because you can get an idea of the professionalism of the staff and the scope of options available – not just what you may view in a sample book, but in actually seeing how it looks. I have found that some homeowners want a certain style of window, but after visiting our showroom and seeing all the options, often ask if they can change out a casement window for an awning, or a double-hung for a glider. The answer is yes – the possibilities are numerous,” Brad said.

Callen’s exterior product specialists can help you determine the best option for your window replacement. Call Callen, the leading remodeling company in Brookfield, to schedule an in-home consultation.