Insight on Bathroom Remodeling Trends

No longer just a utilitarian space, today’s bathroom can be a place of luxury and convenience. “Achieving this is a matter of keeping up with the latest design elements,” said Marie Owens, designer with Callen. “There are many common themes incorporated into this year’s bathroom remodels, including man-made products that mimic natural materials, plenty of texture, and decorative details,” added Marie. So, if contemplating a bathroom renovation, here are some popular trends to consider for the remodeled space.

Insight on Bathroom Remodeling TrendsRecent technological advances have led to porcelain tile that looks exactly like hardwood flooring. “There are plenty of colors and plank sizes to choose from, allowing for the creation of everything from a rustic to modern aesthetic,” Marie said. “Additionally, because porcelain is not a natural material like wood, it can get wet and the only maintenance required is a basic cleaning.”

Next, are decorative shower niches, which are getting a little something extra – beautiful accent tiles. The design element not only adds a focal point to the bathroom, but also helps to break up the shower wall. Additionally, it can allow for the introduction of color into the space.

Another trend is utilizing engineered stone instead of marble. “Quartz and porcelain do a beautiful job of impersonating marble down to the veins. Plus, they offer a slew of benefits,’ she said. “Unlike a natural marble stone, these materials are non-porous and do not need to be sealed. Their non-porous nature also means that tile or countertops will not stain should something accidentally spill.”

White on white follows. White is considered to be the color of perfection, evoking a feeling of wholeness and completion. With this current trend, various shades of white cabinetry, countertops, and tile are all working together to create a striking, monochromatic space.

Next is texture, which is being incorporated into a bathroom space to create interest. “Texture is particularly used in monochromatic color schemes,” said Marie. “This includes textured wallpaper, tiles, glass, and metals.”

While not considered a necessity, many homeowners are opting for heated flooring in their master bath. This popular amenity is a welcome comfort during the cold winter months, plus it can be programmed to make it more energy efficient.

Lastly, sound systems are incorporated into the bathroom design. For many, music is a part of their morning routine. “Therefore, more bathrooms have blue tooth speakers installed into the ceiling or showerheads with music streaming capabilities,” she said.



For Kitchen Designs, Stainless Steel Shines

“When it comes to color and style, stainless steel is neutral, yet versatile. Whether your kitchen is contemporary or country, there are numerous design techniques that allow you to mesh stainless with any style,” said Paulette Sodemann, designer with Callen. “Even those appliances that are not considered pro equipment can look clean and professional in stainless steel,” she added. Paulette explores this continuous trend of designing with or around stainless steel in kitchens and examine its growing popularity.

Although most commercial-grade appliances feature stainless steel, most designers agree that stainless steel is popular as a focal point or a fine enhancement as an accent, but should rarely be used to serve in both capacities. “A little goes a long way when you’re designing with stainless steel,” said Paulette. For instance, one could pair weathered, distressed cabinets with a tapered stainless stove hood, which would serve as the kitchen’s focal point, creating a European country style look.

Another option is to use stainless steel as a backsplash in your kitchen. This look could also be accomplished using metallic tiles. But remember, “stainless steel accents are beautiful, but less is more with metal in kitchen designs,” she said. In other words, you wouldn’t want stainless counters or small appliances in the same design with large pro line stainless pieces.

The use of granite and ceramic will soften the shine of stainless. For instance, in a traditional or contemporary kitchen design, cream-colored granite counters help offset the cold shine of stainless appliances. The mica in the stone especially helps to pick up the soft gray color in the stainless.

Another option would be to use textured ceramic tile to form a backsplash in back of a metallic cooktop or range. It’s a soft touch that works well in balancing the metallic sheen.

For Kitchen Designs, Stainless Steel ShinesWood is always a welcome contrast to stainless, particularly over pro-quality cooktops. “Paring the cooktop with a wood hood is a beautiful look and really warms the appearance of the stainless steel,” Paulette said. “Also, a stainless-steel range, wall oven, or cooktop can easily be incorporated into even the most conservative kitchens.”

When it comes to refrigerators and dishwashers, the use of stainless steel often depends on the size of the appliances. Using wood front panels for large refrigerators is becoming a common trend. As for dishwashers, they are virtually always under the counter and flanked by custom cabinetry, in a traditional kitchen design. So, visually, stainless steel on a dishwasher tends to break up what otherwise would be a smooth flow of a continuous line. A cabinet façade over the dishwasher, similar to the wood front panel on the refrigerator, can reduce this impact.

Finally, you will want to consider clearance and vents. The pro-quality cooking that powerful stainless ranges and cooktops offer creates a whole other level of design considerations. “The pro-line appliances produce much higher BTUs, so you need sufficient clearance and counter space on either side. The design must also provide for proper ventilation and a way to protect the back wall from getting scorched or catching fire, particularly when all six burners on that pro line cooktop are on,” Paulette said.

Given the demands placed on the ventilator for a high caliber stainless range, you may also need to provide a louvered vent to an adjacent space for “make up air” to replace the hot air circulated out. When you’re dealing with pro equipment like that, you should consult an HVAC specialist to see if you need to do anything special with the air.

“If you’re considering updating your kitchen and want to incorporate stainless steel into your design, you should consider these trends so you can make an informed decision and be completely satisfied with the end result,” she said.

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Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017

Landscaping entails a lot more than just mowing, trimming weeds, and maintaining flowers, trees and shrubs. The best landscape designers also incorporate other features of interest into the landscape. Each year certain trends stand out as the most popular, and top landscapers believe that the following trends will continue to grow in popularity in 2017.

“Green” Landscapes

As in many other areas, homeowners are starting to look for ways to make their landscapes more sustainable. This could mean reducing the use of chemicals by looking for more natural methods to control weeds and insects, planting native plants and grasses that require less water, and designing their landscapes in such a way that they provide natural habitats for insects, birds, and small animals. These types of landscapes are better for the environment, more economical for the homeowner, and require less maintenance.

Water Features

Water features were usually added after other exterior remodeling projects were completed, but this is no longer the case. Now homeowners are realizing the positives that come with integrating natural rock waterfalls, small ponds, freestanding fountains, and water walls into their landscapes from the beginning. They provide balance and ambience, help block unwanted outside noise, and benefit local wildlife.

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, and decks – you name it and homeowners are building it. This trend of bringing the comforts of home outdoors is predicted to continue in 2017. People are starting to see the benefit of investing in their own properties, which can be enjoyed for many years to come, instead of spending thousands on one-time experiences that are soon nothing more than memories.

Landscape Lighting Hot Landscaping Trends for 2017

Since the development of LED bulbs, landscape lighting has gained in popularity. LEDs use much less energy and last much longer than traditional lighting, so you won’t constantly be changing burned-out bulbs. LEDs are a great choice to illuminate outdoor seating areas, walkways, and architectural features, plus you can even use lighting timers so you don’t have to turn them on and off.

Now that you are up-to-speed on some of 2017’s hot landscaping trends, why not look into what’s trending in home exterior remodeling? Callen knows all the latest designs and styles, so just give us a call at 414-765-2585 to find out more.



Top Home Design Trends to Look For in 2017

With tax season ramping up and refunds rolling out, many homeowners are planning how they want to spend their refund this year. If you would like your home to be on trend for 2017, consider using this amount to upgrade a room in your house. Take a look at these design trends from Callen Construction to decide which improvements will work best with your budget and style.

Compacted Kitchen Storage

One kitchen remodeling trend that Callen can help with is the construction of a storage wall, a wall in the kitchen that has been designated specifically for storage. Meant to take the place of upper cabinets, it condenses the majority of your storage into one area. Not only is everything you need for meal prep and clean-up conveniently located in one spot, a storage wall also provides space in your work area and throughout the room for a more open, breezy feel.

Top Home Design Trends to Look For in 2017Satin Brass Finishes

The popularity of finishes is always changing, and this year satin brass is the way to go. Satin brass can add golden tones to your room, warming it up without the cost of more expensive materials. Because satin brass works well with a variety of different colors and styles, it can be implemented into virtually any room or setting in which you care to use it.

Unique Bathroom Vanities

If you are looking for a bathroom vanity that is different from the usual offerings, get creative! Hit the antique store or flea market and look for unique pieces of furniture that could be converted into a vanity, such as an antique desk, an old chest of drawers, or a vintage buffet. In this way, you will have a one-of-a-kind vanity along with a little piece of history.

Splurging on Smaller Spaces

If remodeling the kitchen or bath just isn’t in your budget, consider investing in a smaller space in your home, such as the laundry room. Laundry is one chore that few people enjoy doing, so make it more bearable by making the laundry room more pleasant.

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