Interior Color Trends for Spring 2018

Just as people are ready for some color after a long winter of dull browns and grays, homeowners are looking to move beyond boring neutrals and inject a little color into their living spaces. From soft pastels and barely-there color to bolder hues, we can all look forward to a little more warmth and variety in interior colors this spring. If you’re ready to update your interior, try these colors shared by your favorite local remodeling company, Callen Construction.

Interior Color Trends for Spring 2018

Creamy Whites

While stark white can make a room feel too clinical, creamy whites are much warmer and more inviting. They also do a better job of making a space feel cozy and welcoming than the somewhat somber grays that have been popular in recent years – and work particularly well when paired with natural wood tones and materials and neutral textures.

Warm Neutrals

If you’re still a fan of neutrals, never fear – there are more options beyond tans and cool grays. To bring a little more warmth into your surroundings, try shifting more toward beige, taupe and hazelnut. Or if you can’t do without gray, choose a warmer “greige”, which is a combination of beige and gray.

Soft Pastels

For a fresh, springy feel with just a hint of color, powder blues and muddy pinks are the way to go. With just enough pigment to add interest without making the room feel like a nursery, either of these color trends will serve to energize your space this season.

Sage Greens

Whether used as an accent or encompassing an entire wall, sage green is an excellent choice year-round. Light enough to bring in some color without being overwhelming, it goes with pretty much anything, and it pairs particularly well with neutrals.

Medium Blues

If you’re feeling a little more bold this spring, medium blues that have been toned down with gray are expected to replace the dark navy blues that have been favored the past several years. Medium blue is a great color option for both contemporary and more traditional interiors.

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Spring Home Exterior Evaluation

I just returned from a radio station cruise and was expecting snow and cold when I got back. To our pleasant surprise, when we landed in Wisconsin (and maybe because it was daylight saving time), it now feels like spring.

It got me to thinking how quick warm weather will be here and all of the fun and excitement that Wisconsin summers bring. In summer we are outside a lot, walking dogs, playing with the kids, or just sitting on the front porch or back deck.

I encourage you to think about your home’s exterior and all the possibilities it brings. Is your home ready for the nice weather that is coming? Maybe you’re tired of the maintenance of staining and painting your wood siding. Do your shingles have black streaks on them (a personal pet peeve of mine)? Is the paint cracking around your windows?

Sometimes a simple rip in the screen of your storm door will take attention away from your home’s beauty. Remember that curb appeal is everything. Not just for real estate and those of you thinking of selling your home, but for the pride of home ownership. Don’t you want to pull in your driveway and see your home shine?

Over the years, at the homes my wife and I have owned, Callen has installed everything from Gutter Topper to a new roofing system, from adding new windows to doors being replaced. The front entry door at our current home particularly stands out. We added sidelights and it brings in abundant natural light. Plus the storm door actually works, and is very sturdy and attractive! Remember Callen’s expertise when it comes to the exterior of your home. It’s what started the company over 30 years ago.

Now that spring is here, take a walk around your house. Nobody knows it better than you. Determine what needs attention the most, then Call Callen for a no obligation consultation. The professionals at Callen put the WOW in our home’s exterior, and they can do the same to yours!

Spring Home Exterior Evaluation



Spring Clean-Up Tips for the Exterior of Your Home

While many people look forward to spring for its warm weather, bright colors, and fresh breezes, others see it as a chance to clear away the dust and cobwebs that accumulate over the long winter. Though not everyone is gung-ho about spring cleaning, it’s essential for a clean, well-maintained home. When you sit down to make your spring cleaning checklist, don’t neglect to address the exterior of your home as well.

Spring Clean-Up Tips for the Exterior of Your Home

  • Clear out the gutters. While your gutters should have been cleaned out in the fall, it’s a good idea to check them again in the spring and clear out any stray leaves and tree debris blown down by winter storms. Spring is also an excellent time for a little home exterior remodeling; in particular, installing a Gutter Topper® gutter protection system from Callen Construction. Available in a wide array of colors to coordinate with your roof and gutters, Gutter Topper will keep leaves and debris out of your gutters year-round, so you’ll have one less thing on your spring cleaning list to take care of next year.
  • Wash the windows. You’d be surprised by how much dirt and grime can accumulate on your windows in six months’ time. Washing the exterior of your windows until they shine will allow you a clear view of the beautiful colors of spring, even when you’re stuck inside cleaning.
  • Clean and rake. Walk around your yard and look for any trash that may have been dropped or blown onto the lawn, making sure to check that nothing has snagged on your trees or under the bushes. Then, lightly rake your lawn to gather up any remaining fall leaves, remove dead grass, and make way for the dormant grass blades that will soon be pushing their way to the surface.
  • Weed and prune. Make life easier for yourself by getting a jump on obnoxious weeds. Weeds are much easier to remove when they’re small with shallow roots, and the ground is still moist from spring rains. Consider laying down weed control fabric in your garden and around flower beds as well to help keep the weeds away permanently.

At Callen, we’re committed to making your remodeling experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible. We’re experienced in all forms of exterior remodeling, and our main goal is the comfort and satisfaction of our customers, no matter the size and scope of the job. To find out more, give us a call today at 414-765-2585 to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation.



Spring Maintenance Feature: The Gutter Topper®

Gutter TopperWith spring right around the corner, now is an ideal time to consider those maintenance tasks that come with the new season. One important item on that list is taking stock of your gutters to determine if they need to be cleaned, repaired or even replaced.

The Effects of Poor Gutter Maintenance

The most important function of your gutters is to channel water that runs off your roof and carry it away from the foundation of your house. When leaves and other debris build up in your gutters, this can cause water to back up. With nowhere else to go, water could end up in your home. In areas of cold winter weather, gutter build-up can also contribute to the formation of ice dams which can be very damaging to your roof.

Why Gutter Topper®?

Callen Construction offers an innovative gutter product for exterior remodeling in Muskego, WI. Gutter Topper® gutter guard features a patented design that allows water to flow effortlessly into your gutters, even in a heavy downpour, while keeping leaves, twigs and more out. This is accomplished through surface tension, a principle that causes water to adhere to the surface along which it moves. Gutter Topper has a rounded “nose” that rainwater clings to and follows right into the openings at the bottom of the system. Meanwhile, leaves and debris sit harmlessly on Gutter Topper’s flat surface until they dry out and are scattered by the wind.

More Exciting Features

Gutter Topper is also of great benefit during the winter. There is no fear of water freezing and collapsing your gutters with its unique Ice Release System. This system keeps ice and snow out of gutters, and can even tolerate a snow load of up to 1,200 pounds per square foot! With a variety of colors available to help you coordinate with your roof and gutters, as well as a transferable Lifetime Guarantee, it’s easy to see why installing Gutter Topper is a great investment.

Whether your gutters need to be repaired or replaced, or you need Gutter Topper installed, the Brookfield, WI, home exterior remodeling experts at Callen Construction can help you determine what’s right for you and your home. Give us a call today at (414) 765-2585 to arrange a free consultation!