10 Cabinet Suggestions to Amplify Space

There are a myriad of motives that go into producing an efficient, elegant kitchen. From the flooring to countertops to appliances, all kitchen characteristics play an integral function, but cabinets are typically in the first position when it comes to storage, function, and convenience.

Regardless of your kitchen’s size, there are a variety of ways to increase cabinet space with inventive solutions.

10 Cabinet Suggestions to Amplify Space

  1. Take Cabinets Higher

Consider going up cabinets, as tall, vertical cabinets that reach to the ceiling are both trending and functional. Plus, higher shelves make an excellent space to store kitchen items use rarely.

  1. Exploit Nooks and Crannies

Often, kitchens have a small nook, corner, or angle that doesn’t fit standard cabinets. You can still make the space functional and often create a focal point such as organizational cabinets to store cookbooks, paperwork, and other small items, plus it will help keep counters free of clutter.

  1. Enhance Corner Cabinets

With an L-shaped kitchen layout, the corner cabinets are usually suitable while maddening to keep organized. To create more, consider adding a pullout to the corner cabinet, which doubles the interior storage space and allows trouble-free access to crucial items.

  1. Make Unused Features a Focus

Sometimes older homes have kitchen features that take up space instead of serve a purpose. To maximize storage, transform these areas by installing additional cabinetry. This will allow this area to stand out, while providing additional storage space.

  1. Create Shelving in Unusual Places

Typical kitchens have bulkheads extending from the ceiling that hide plumbing, electrical, and room supports. With some imagination, open the bulkhead and add cabinets and shelves for an increased functionality with no impact on the home’s structure.

  1. Stack Storage in Drawers

Deep drawers can be a beneficial attribute. To ensure that they serve the proper purpose, organize the space through the use of a secret drawer. By doubling-up the drawers within a single pullout, items can be arranged without changing cabinet fronts.

  1. Suspend Cabinet Additions

While it is not only practical, suspending cabinets from the ceiling also provides a contemporary, sleek, and inventive component. Plus, the open space above and below the suspended cabinets maintains a light and roomy sensation.

  1. Incorporate an Operative Island

The island should be tactically placed adjacent to the kitchen’s work zones for expedient prep and serving. In addition, the bottom of the island can include drawers and cabinets for supplementary storage.

  1. Build A Pantry Cabinet

If the kitchen has a tall, narrow space, pantries are the perfect addition for a unified look and expanded storage. It is possible to also accumulate space by selecting a pantry with sliding or pocket doors to prevent using precious floor space.

  1. Use All Cabinet Surfaces

Organization creates efficient kitchens, and using all cabinet surface areas provides extra storage. There are many elements to add to the inside surface of cabinet doors to hang pots, pans, or cleaning supplies, and creating shelving inside an open cabinet space can create even more surface area to store and organize essentials.



7 Kitchen Trends for 2014

By Tom Callen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and, almost without fail, our clients undergoing a kitchen remodel want it to be open to the rest of the house. It’s the social hub, not only for the residents of the home, but when entertaining guests as well.

So below are what remodelers, the kitchen design industry, and homeowners are seeing as the top trends for 2014.


Open kitchen design. As noted above, homeowners want space and connectivity to the rest of the household.

LED lighting. LED is more expensive upfront but the color, clarity, and longevity make up for that cost. LEDs are the light of choice for undercabinet lighting, but can also be used in can lights and appliance interiors. They are dimmable and very cool so they won’t heat up what is inside the cabinet or throw a lot of heat down as some can lights do.

Countertops. Granite is still a favorite but quartz is a strong second. Rather than having all countertops and the island in the same color or material, there also is some mixing for interest and function. The island can be of one surface and the counters another; one surface can be a neutral or background color and the other can be the focal point. Another trend that is slowly emerging for certain kitchens is waterfall countertops where the material drops over the side of a kitchen island and goes to the floor. Countertops can be had in a rainbow of colors, but the choice for a sleek, sophisticated look is to go with either black or white. While granite is always associated with being “shiny,” it can be honed for a matte finish.

Apron sinks. Sinks are more than just function now, they are statements. What will be trending is the apron or farmhouse sink. Homeowners are moving towards simple, clean lines and an apron sink is part of that look. Apron fronts are traditionally flush with the counter, but there are models that are bowed for even more flair. Apron sinks can work well in either a traditional or contemporary style.

Appliance finishes. The perennial favorite is stainless steel because it works with many styles and its neutral color doesn’t clash with cabinetry or countertops. Even so, some other options are emerging. Whirlpool® has rolled out an Ice Collection featuring White Ice for a “fresh” look that is an alternative to stainless and GE® offers Slate, a low-gloss warm gray finish. The finishes are seen as a move towards a softer-looking, less commercial atmosphere. Appliances are also looking more furniture-like with rounded edges and handles.

Kitchen islands. The kitchen island is not going away anytime soon. Islands offer a lot of flexibility whether it serves as a food prep area with sink and/or stovetop, a spot for children to do schoolwork, or a buffet when entertaining. Almost any kitchen remodel can incorporate an island, but there can be constraints on its size and how many people it can sit.

Floating shelves. Floating shelves are an effective way to break up long walls of cabinets into a lighter, less obtrusive space. It offers visual interest and gives you room to display your favorite kitchen or home accessories.