The Most Wonderful Time of Year to Plan a Remodeling Project

The Most Wonderful Time of Year to Plan a Remodeling Project

The holidays, the time of year we are supposed to enjoy with family, relax, and not be stressed out. This month, I’m going to give some personal remodeling advice that I hope helps alleviate some stress and give you something to ponder with regard to your next remodeling project.

The common thought is to wait to until after the holidays are done to begin thinking about remodeling the house. Now I know what a lot of you are thinking – we start the holidays way too early. If you’ve been to stores, you have seen holiday lights up since before Halloween. Is this early? Perhaps. My point is, at the mention of “the holidays,” many of you reading this begin to stress out. The last thing on your mind is likely your next remodeling project.

Here’s my advice – start thinking and planning for remodeling your home now. It takes your mind in another direction, and don’t worry, there will still be plenty of time to trim the tree and bake cookies. Giving your brain something else to work on is a healthy and positive move, in my opinion.

Also, designers need time to well, design. There is a great deal of communication and planning required for kitchen, bathroom, and lower level remodeling projects that you can do even before the Callen crew would show up at your house to begin that exciting project.

The sooner your start the planning, the sooner the project will be done. You get a jump-start on others and will likely be done before the first robin arrives in spring.

Exterior projects are the same. Callen can and will install windows, doors, siding, and roofing in winter!

So, go ahead and start the holidays – hang the lights, decorate your house, shop for gifts, and bake cookies. But don’t forget to start thinking, planning, and meeting with a designer at Callen to start your remodeling project. It may just take some of the stress out of the most wonderful time of year!

Happy Holidays (yes, a bit early) to everyone!

Paul Kronforst



Stay Safely on the Ground with Gutter Topper®

In the last couple months, I’ve told you about the exciting indoor remodeling projects we’ve done with Callen, like bumping out our house a couple of feet to add a walk-in closet, which is part of the overall bathroom remodel, and a massive window that put the WOW in our curb appeal!

Stay Safely on the Ground with Gutter Topper®Because the weather has finally cooled off and the leaves are falling, I thought about all the exterior projects we have done with Callen over the years. At both houses, we have had Gutter Topper® installed. It really does take away the anxiety and worry about getting on a ladder and cleaning your gutters out. Why risk an accident? We’ve all heard the stories about people falling off of ladders. Remember Max McGee of the Green Bay Packers? He was on his roof working on gutters when he fell and ultimately died because of it. My advice is to leave it to the experts.

Callen’s professionals will install Gutter Topper® and you never will clean those gutters again. They look great, come in a variety of colors, they handle all of the water flow and essentially you will be “worry free.”  There’s plenty of time left this year to get them installed – remember Callen does everything inside the house and on the exterior of your house year round.

So, enjoy the fall colors, do a little raking ON the ground, but put the ladder away and forget about cleaning your gutters…forever!

Paul Kronforst




Bump Out Creates the Space We Wanted

To follow up on last month’s blog on our master bathroom remodel, the project was completed about four years ago.

Here’s the thing – it feels like we just remodeled it, that’s how new it still feels to us. I guess we picked the right tile, colors, fixtures, lighting and overall design, because (with the risk of sounding corny here!) I honestly feel like I am looking at a photo posted on Houzz every time I walk into our bath and walk in closet.

I mentioned the closet as a bump out addition to our bath project, but didn’t give details in last month’s blog about WHY we bumped it out and made our house bigger. We wanted too much, as our “wish list” included a glass surround walk in shower and a bigger closet. While Callen’s designers are fantastic, one thing they can’t create out of thin air is space.

The solution – a bump out suggested by Callen’s design team, an outside the box idea that I at first wasn’t too sure about. Am I glad I listened to Callen the experts! It was the only solution, as we achieved almost three additional feet of spaced, a window facing south that we never had and that much coveted glass shower that we all want. The outside of our home also looks bigger and better balanced.

But back to what I left off at in August – how to put the “WOW” in your home. This bathroom is now efficient, beautiful, and that WOW factor was added to the interior and exterior of our home.

As we’ve advanced as homeowners, we’ve learned that every home needs some pop, something that you should enjoy. Realtors often say sellers remodel to help sell their house, but then say “we wish we would have done this years ago, so we could have enjoyed it.” Don’t make that mistake. It’s your house and you live there. Be sure to make it what you want and enjoy it!

Paul Kronforst, WISN-AM 1130





Master Bath Renovation Improves Home’s Interior and Exterior

Master Bath Renovation Improves Home’s Interior and ExteriorAs I said at the outset of the blogs I am writing on behalf of Callen, I started with current projects and I’m going back in time with the projects we have completed with the company. More than four years ago, our master bathroom was in dire need of a makeover. We had a pink toilet and whirlpool with all brass fixtures, a closet that extended off of the bathtub, and a very small shower. We weren’t sure what to do, we just knew we wanted an update with the possibility of a bigger closet.

This is where the Callen designers shine. We were asked to think outside the box and consider extending the bathroom about three feet, which is no small task. By adding a window and gable, our home was literally pushed out three feet. This new space accommodated the walk-in closet we wanted.

Master Bath Renovation Improves Home’s Interior and ExteriorTo this day, we look at the bathroom like it is still brand new. We not only get the daily enjoyment of the Kohler whirlpool, the glass surround shower, the double vanity, flat screen TV, and the huge closet (which has a view), but the renovation added tremendous value to our home. If it wasn’t for our designer making that suggestion, we still only have the same small space without the dramatic change provided by the new gable and window. The exterior now looks complete and more balanced.

Another item on our wish list for the space were heated floors, but we were concerned about the cost. However, the installation of electric mats that are much more cost-effective allowed this wish to become a reality. We now have a heated floor in both the bathroom and the closet so the tile is warm during our Wisconsin winters (which in my opinion is about six months out of the year!).

We use the heated floors all the time and with the dual thermostats, we can make the floor and the air above it as warm as we desire. Keep in mind that heat rises, so heated floors heat the entire room, which you feel when walking in.

Paul Kronforst Master Bath Renovation Improves Home’s Interior and ExteriorI will discuss more details regarding this extensive bathroom remodeling project in future blogs, but for now, be sure to look at the accompanying photos. Notice the tile work in the glass shower, the walls, and the floors. The large walk-in closet that we absolutely love. The double vanity sinks. And yes, we use that flat screen TV in the bathroom. It is great for taking a soak and watching football on a cool fall afternoon!

Until next month, when we talk more about how Callen has put the “WOW” in home remodeling at our house.

– Paul Kronforst