Bump Out Creates the Space We Wanted

To follow up on last month’s blog on our master bathroom remodel, the project was completed about four years ago.

Here’s the thing – it feels like we just remodeled it, that’s how new it still feels to us. I guess we picked the right tile, colors, fixtures, lighting and overall design, because (with the risk of sounding corny here!) I honestly feel like I am looking at a photo posted on Houzz every time I walk into our bath and walk in closet.

I mentioned the closet as a bump out addition to our bath project, but didn’t give details in last month’s blog about WHY we bumped it out and made our house bigger. We wanted too much, as our “wish list” included a glass surround walk in shower and a bigger closet. While Callen’s designers are fantastic, one thing they can’t create out of thin air is space.

The solution – a bump out suggested by Callen’s design team, an outside the box idea that I at first wasn’t too sure about. Am I glad I listened to Callen the experts! It was the only solution, as we achieved almost three additional feet of spaced, a window facing south that we never had and that much coveted glass shower that we all want. The outside of our home also looks bigger and better balanced.

But back to what I left off at in August – how to put the “WOW” in your home. This bathroom is now efficient, beautiful, and that WOW factor was added to the interior and exterior of our home.

As we’ve advanced as homeowners, we’ve learned that every home needs some pop, something that you should enjoy. Realtors often say sellers remodel to help sell their house, but then say “we wish we would have done this years ago, so we could have enjoyed it.” Don’t make that mistake. It’s your house and you live there. Be sure to make it what you want and enjoy it!

Paul Kronforst, WISN-AM 1130



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