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Paul Kronforst, WISN-AM 1130 and Proud Callen CustomerAs a customer and spokesperson for Callen more than 15 years, I have come to appreciate the quality installation of windows, a patio door, front door, Gutter Topper, roofing, and shutters, plus what it’s like to experience a major bathroom suite remodeling job.

I have never officially written a blog; I am a radio guy through and through, but I also know a thing or two about remodeling as host of “The Remodeling Show” on WISN-AM 1130 for over 25 years. In that time, I’ve learned a lot and gained a lot of respect for the guys in the field. So, this official first blog entry of mine will start with an overview of my experiences with Callen and also lay out what I believe will be a great series of blogs that will both inform and educate you about remodeling.

When Tom Callen and I met at my previous home in Saukville, it was for a smaller job: a gutter protection system called Gutter Topper. Callen had me – the personal service, the responsible phone call before to check up, and ultimately what matters the most, a quality install of the product I really needed at the time; yes, I lived on a heavily wooded lot! The relationship started with exterior jobs… Gutter Topper, windows, roofing, and vents. After we moved to Cedarburg more than 10 years ago after buying a 10-year-old home, I thought there wouldn’t be a whole lot of maintenance.

Was I wrong! This home, just like yours, requires regular upkeep and maintenance. A newer home does not equate to less upkeep. I would argue it requires just as much, if not more. Why? More on that in future blogs.

In the coming months, I will tell you my story with Callen. How new windows and doors were just a start. Not just making my home look much better, producing the “wow” factor we talk so much about, but how to make my home comfortable and more efficient! That’s not just sales talk; you will notice your home is much tighter, quieter, and overall more efficient – yes, that will save you dollars.

This blog will conclude with the current project Callen is completing on our home. The seal failed on the largest window in our home, meaning we need a new window due to rotting wood frames, which could cause serious trouble inside and outside the home. What did I do? I called Callen after once again visiting CallCallen.com!

In future blogs, I will explain our projects and what it meant to our house, what it meant to the overall “value” of our home. After all, your home is your castle, most likely your biggest investment and something you take tremendous pride in. Check back next month for my next Callen blog.

Paul Kronforst, WISN-AM 1130 and Proud Callen Customer


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