Get a Head Start on Next Year’s Holidays with Callen

The Christmas season is the most festive time of the year, when family, friends and neighbors descend on your home to visit, relax, and celebrate. If last year’s holiday gatherings bring back uncomfortable memories of a crowded kitchen and you’re dreading sharing your small bathroom with your in-laws again this year, it’s time to give your home a gift – interior remodeling by Callen!

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether it’s Christmas dinner with extended family or a quiet evening with your spouse, Callen can make your kitchen space more comfortable and inviting for everyone with an open floor plan; fresh new colors and lighting to highlight the best features of the room; a spacious island complete with sink and electrical outlets; and ample storage space for all those holiday fixings. We can help you swap dated cabinets for elegant yet efficient pieces, and add texture with unique backsplashes made of tile, marble, or stainless steel. When we’re finished, your kitchen will be transformed into the focal point of your home, the perfect spot to gather loved ones together.

Bathroom Remodeling

As a home ages, bathrooms tend to be forgotten. Impress your guests with a stylish, functional bath that’s as inviting as the main rooms of your home. Callen’s expertly trained design team can help you choose from a wide selection of custom showers and vanities, oversized tubs, specialty fixtures, countertops, wood accents in every hue, and smart storage solutions. Transform a small bathroom into a spa-like oasis with the strategic use of space and lighting. At Callen, it’s our goal to help you create the look and feel that satisfies your specific needs.

As your family gathers for the holidays this season, think about how your home could serve you better – then get the “WOW” you’ve been looking for when holiday guests arrive next year! For the best kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Brookfield and surrounding areas, Call Callen. Call us today at (414) 765-2585 or click here to schedule a no-obligation consultation for your next project.



Adding Visual Interest With Texture

Kitchen updates rank among the most popular home improvements and typically provide an excellent return on investment.

When remodeling a kitchen, some of the mainstays are granite countertops, stainless appliances, and statement lighting. But also trending is texture, an important design element that adds dimension to a room.

In 2014’s National Kitchen and Bath Association annual trade show and EuroCucina (the world’s largest kitchen trade show), the buzz was all about the layering of textures with combinations of concrete, metals, glass, wood, quartz and marble, and even laminates and veneers.

There is an art to adding texture; you don’t want to go overboard. When adding texture, instead pick one or two areas where it will add some punch, but not be a visual distraction.

backsplash-textureFor example, a backsplash is one area of the kitchen that can easily be incorporated with texture. Picture your shiny countertop against a contrasting matte backsplash or a tumbled travertine. If it’s not your style, the entire backsplash doesn’t have to be the same. Consider adding a mosaic or stained glass insert, either randomly scattered or perhaps centered in the back of the stove. If you’re a fan of an all-glass backsplash, consider blending with stone, marble, or metals.

Another way to use texture is to break up the counterspace. If all your undercabinet counters are the same material, you might break it up with butcher block surrounding the prep sink. Of if the countertops are shiny, a honed finish on the island adds interest. For a cook who likes to bake, a section of counter may be marble for rolling out dough.

Texture is not only about rough and smooth, contrasting colors and woods are also a visual texture. Contrast painted wood cabinets with a stained island base. Instead of all your cabinets having closed doors, consider the many options of glass panels or one or two open shelves.

Lights add another layer of texture and interest. Accent, decorative, and ambient lighting are an important element of great kitchen design.

Another way to add interest in the kitchen is the use of greenery – an infusion of organic elements. Herbs and plants can be integrated into the design with their own shelving, mini greenhouses, or decorative potting. Green plants, flowering plants, and herbs not only add a visual element, but an aromatic one as well.

Adding the right amount of texture is fun because the possibilities are many. But with so many patterns, colors, and materials to choose from, it can also be overwhelming. The designers at Callen are more than happy to help you select what will look beautiful and functional for your home.



Bathrooms Safer, Cleaner, Fresher with Enhanced Toilet Features

Homeowners have long embraced the luxury bathroom with spa-like features of large walk-in showers with multiple showerheads, soaking tubs with bubble massage and chromatography, and soothing colors and sounds. With all the attention to this very important room, it was just a matter of time before toilets took their share of the spotlight. Here are a few of the newest innovations from Kohler that will enhance your overall bathroom experience.

Germy Handles Be GoneTouchless zab54675_rgb_m

Now when you flush, you don’t need to actually touch the toilet, just wave your hands. Kohler’s San Souci model, which directly translated from French means “without a worry,” uses a sensor mounted on the inside of the tank that sets off the flush when a hand is waved over it. With no handle for users to touch, one of the least sanitary surfaces in the bathroom is eliminated.

Comfortable Seating and Elegant Design

In addition to the advanced touchless technology, the San Souci has a sleek, one-piece design that is seamless and easy to clean. The compact elongated bowl and Comfort Height® seat are more comfortable and easier to use for most adults than standard round bowls and lower seats. Additionally, the compact design allows this elongated toilet to fit into the same space as a round front, providing the comfort of elongated seats even in small bathrooms.

Eliminating the Bump in the NightNightlight zab47294_rgb_s

Lighting in the home has moved from simply functional overhead fixtures to uniquely designed lamps, above and below cabinet lighting, motion-sensored and timed devices, even in-floor lighting. Every space in the home has its own type of secondary light source, and now with the launch of the Kohler Nightlight toilet seat, so does the toilet.

The new Nightlight seat features a lighted hinge, illuminating the toilet space sufficiently to allow you to leave the overhead lights off while using the bathroom at night – creating a soft ambiance in comparison to overhead lights. Nightlight casts enough light to allow homeowners easy use of the bathroom space.

Additionally, the Nightlight seat runs on a seven-hour timer, allowing the light to be on during the night and off during the day when it is not needed.

The Nightlight feature is offered on the Kohler Cachet and Reveal seat models, in both elongated and round front. Both toilet seats feature: bumpers on the seat that help reduce seat shifting; quiet-close seat and lid with quick-release hinges, which allows the seat to close quietly and unlatch from the toilet for easy removal and convenient cleaning; and quick-attach hardware for fast and secure installation.

Goodbye Bathroom OdorsPurefresh zab59350_rgb_s

Air freshener products may become obsolete with Kohler’s Purefresh toilet seat, featuring built-in technology that deodorizes bathroom air.

The Purefresh seat contains a deodorizing system that utilizes a carbon filter to neutralize odorous air. An integrated fan, activated when the user sits on the seat, directs the filtered air over a scent pack located within the system and permeates the bathroom with a light, clean scent – Garden Waterfall, Soft and Fresh Laundry, and Avocado Spa.

Additionally, the Purefresh seat features a dual LED Nightlight for added comfort during nighttime use. The automatic eight-hour nightlight functions as a task light when the lid is lifted, a guiding light when the lid is closed, and is programmed with the push of a button on the first cycle.

Purefresh technology is available as both a seat option or as a complete toileting solution.

Bidet Becoming More Mainstreambidet zab61625_rgb_s

Homeowners are more and more embracing the bidet for personal cleanliness. Once found only in luxury homes, the bidet is becoming more affordable and accessible.

Kohler’s C3-230 bidet seat features a contemporary design, boasting sleek, clean lines and a slender profile. To help ease the transition from a standard seat to the C3-230 bidet seat, Kohler has developed a number of comfort features, including an innovative touch-screen remote that gives users complete control over their experience as well as preset preferences. A heated seat, adjustable heated water supply, an oscillation and pulsation spray and warm air dryer offer a more comfortable personalized experience. To ensure a sanitary environment, the C3-230 bidet seat includes a self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle with UV sanitization that cycles daily. To keep the bathroom fresh and eliminate the need for overpowering air fresheners, the seat comes equipped with its own deodorizer. Additionally, the C3-230 seat features an LED light that illuminates the toilet bowl and duals as a nightlight.



5 Tips for a Winter-Ready Wisconsin Home

5 Tips for a Winter-Ready Wisconsin HomeAlthough the calendar says it’s still fall, the recent influx of cold polar air has been a stark reminder that wintertime will soon be officially upon us. Cold drafts and a hard-working furnace may also have reminded you that you have not yet winterized your home, a crucial step to survive the Wisconsin chill. “Winterizing” refers to a variety of improvements and repairs that can offset the undesirable effects of cold weather so you can maintain indoor comfort and keep utility bills low. Follow these steps to get your home in order.

1) Schedule a professional furnace tune-up. A certified technician can perform a cleaning and inspection of the system to ensure safe and efficient operation all winter. Getting the job done now is much more convenient than waiting for a repairman in a cold home with no heat!

2) Clean the chimney. A clean, well-maintained chimney ensures you can safely enjoy cozy fires throughout the winter. A chimney sweep knows how to remove soot and creosote build-up, substances which can cause potential fires and damage to the chimney itself.

3) Caulk and weatherstrip. Stop air leaks by caulking around windows and doors. Ensure that doors and windows shut tightly; if not, install weatherstripping to keep out drafts.

4) Check the attic. Poorly insulated attics are a notorious source of heat loss within a home’s building envelope. Ideally, a properly insulated Wisconsin attic should have enough insulation to provide an R-value of 50 (or about 14 inches, depending on the material). The R-value indicates the insulation’s ability to resist heat transfer.

5) Clean gutters. Be sure gutters are clear of clogs that could allow rain and snowmelt to back up and freeze, causing damage to the roof and gutter system.

With the right winterizing improvements, it’s possible to avoid winter headaches and cut your heating costs nearly in half. For assistance with many exterior improvements, call Callen today at (414) 765-2585. Our certified representative will visit your home and do a thorough inspection of your roof, gutters or any other area of concern. Discover for yourself why we are considered the best roofing and remodeling company in Brookfield, Milwaukee and surrounding areas!