Don’t Forget to Spring Clean Your Gutters

Water in any form, be it rain, snow or ice, is a threat to the structural integrity of your home. Gutters are a major player in the fight against water damage. When properly installed and maintained, a gutter system will collect all the water flowing from your roof and channel it safely away from your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t give a thought to guttering until a problem surfaces.DSCF0003

Early spring is the time to perform the first cleaning and inspection of rain gutters to clean out winter debris and keep your home protected from the damaging effects of water. By ensuring that gutters can easily direct rainwater away from your home, you can prevent the following problems.

  • Channeling rainwater with a gutter system will keep water from pooling around your home’s foundation and potentially penetrating basement walls, causing interior flooding.
  • When water penetrates a foundation, it can result in mold growth and extensive cracking – both serious and costly issues.
  • Gutters prevent water from running over the eaves and soffit of your home, causing staining and rot.
  • When water running off the roof is not captured, it will land on the ground and splash onto the side of your home. This repeated splashing can damage siding over time.
  • Water runoff not captured by guttering will erode the ground below your eaves and damage nearby landscaping.
  • Gutters will prevent water from draining over walkways, which can cause cement to deteriorate.

If you need gutter replacement, Callen Construction installs seamless gutter systems at a competitive price. We also perform custom gutter design and install Gutter Topper® gutter protection. If you would like to rid yourself of gutter maintenance, our Brookfield remodeling company offers Gutter Topper® gutter guard in a full array of colors, so you can coordinate with your roof and gutters. Don’t take chances with your home! Call Callen at (414) 765-2585 for a FREE gutter inspection and estimate.



Fiber Cement vs. Vinyl: Which Siding is Best for Your Home?

Callen Blog - Fiber Cement vs Vinyl Photo 030915Choosing the best cladding material for your home involves many considerations, the most common of which are durability, maintenance, energy efficiency, and cost. Two of the most popular siding choices today are vinyl and fiber cement.

The Characteristics of Fiber Cement & Vinyl

In recent years, fiber cement has taken some market share from vinyl siding, which remains the preferred choice for exterior siding. Fiber cement is made from a mix of wood fiber and Portland cement, then formed into planks or shingles and cured at high temperatures. Many homeowners prefer the wide reveal, woodgrain appearance and sturdy feel of fiber cement siding in comparison to vinyl.

Vinyl is manufactured from PVC, a strong plastic resin that is not affected by moisture. Its color is part of vinyl’s composition. This means that vinyl cannot rot and requires almost no maintenance. Vinyl siding is lightweight and easier to install than fiber cement products, which usually translates to lower labor cost for the homeowner.

Fiber cement is highly durable – James Hardie® fiber cement siding is warranted to last 30 years with proper maintenance – but must be protected from moisture with paint. Although it holds paint better than wood, expect to repaint fiber cement an average of every 10 years. If adding to your home’s energy efficiency is important, insulated vinyl siding is the way to go. Manufacturers have introduced foam backed insulated vinyl siding such as Mill Run™ from Crane®. This type of vinyl siding has a layer of foam adhered to the back to increase the R-value of the walls.

When compared by cost, fiber cement is more expensive to install than vinyl siding, but in some instances – especially with insulated vinyl siding – the cost can be very similar. To learn more about the pros, cons, and costs of these types of siding, call Callen at (414) 765-2585. We install a full line of siding materials, including James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim, Mill Run insulated vinyl siding, Mastic vinyl siding, and CertainTeed polymeric decorative siding.

Callen is the exterior remodeling company Lake Country homeowners have trusted since 1986!



Mill Run™ Composite Siding: Vinyl Siding That Looks as Good as It Performs

Callen Blog - Mill Run Insulated Siding Photo 030215The exterior of your home sends a message about your personal style, but it’s what can’t be seen that matters most. Siding that looks attractive but does not keep your home warm and dry is a bit like wearing a designer T-shirt in a blizzard: you might look stylish, but you’ll be so cold you won’t care!

That’s why Callen Construction installs Mill Run™ composite siding from Crane® on Wisconsin homes. This insulated siding line is the next generation of vinyl performance siding: it can reduce your energy costs and instantly transform your home’s curb appeal. State-of-the-art SmartCORE™ insulation has been engineered to breathe and keep moisture out, but offers an R-value up to 4.0 – 20 times the R-value of fiber cement! Mill Run siding features an authentic, straight-face design with hand-milled cedar grain beauty.

Additional benefits of Mill Run insulated vinyl siding include:

  • Insulates entire home exterior
  • Improves the R-value (resistance to heat flow) of your home
  • Wind-resistant up to 200 mph
  • 240% more impact-resistant than fiber cement
  • Reduces high frequency noise and wind sounds by up to 45%
  • No painting, cracking, peeling, or chalking
  • Foam backing provides a straighter appearance and a solid feel
  • Extremely low moisture absorption
  • Helps keep heating and cooling costs down in all climates and conditions, even in the presence of moisture

From a traditional Colonial to the most groundbreaking contemporary design, Mill Run siding can give your home an exciting new look and feel. In addition to its superior design, you’ll be able to choose from 17 distinctive colors and several profiles to make your home entirely your own. Our Mill Run vinyl composite siding system also carries the industry’s strongest Life-of-the-Home Warranty backed by Crane.

Compare and see for yourself why Callen is the top exterior remodeling company in Brookfield and surrounding areas. Call us today at (414) 765-2585 to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation for siding replacement or any other service!



Kitchen Remodeling Trends: StarMark Inset Cabinetry

One of the choices you’ll make when preparing for bath or kitchen remodeling in Lake Country is how your cabinet doors will be constructed. Most homes feature cabinetry with “overlay” construction, meaning the doors and drawer headers are in front of the cabinet’s face frame, extending beyond the opening so they overlap or “lay over” them. Full overlay construction covers the cabinet frame entirely, while standard overlay construction allows more of the cabinet frame to be visible around the doors and drawers when closed.

Inset cabinetry is gaining in popularity for traditional, transitional, and contemporary design styles in the modern kitchen. Inset cabinets are fundamentally different than overlay designs. Rather than fitting over the openings in the cabinet frame, inset doors and drawer headers slide precisely into the face frame opening. Not surprisingly, this requires highly skilled, precision craftsmanship – and it’s why inset cabinetry has always carried high-end, high-dollar connotations. However, StarMark Cabinetry now offers elegant inset cabinetry at a surprisingly affordable price.

The clean, distinctive lines of inset cabinetry suit StarMark Cabinetry’s manufacturing process perfectly. Attention to detail has always been a top priority at the company’s Sioux Falls, S.D, plant, where doors are assembled by hand to ensure tight joints, hand sanding is the only way to correctly prepare a door, and staining and glazing by hand is the best way to define the distinctive details that make each door unique.

StarMark inset cabinetry is offered in a versatile range of door styles and woods, including alder, cherry, quarter-sawn red oak, and maple. A variety of tinted varnishes and tinted varnishes with glaze are available, along with Cottage and Old World distressed finishes, to make your finished cabinetry truly your own. Learn more about the exceptional features that make StarMark our cabinetry line of choice.

As a StarMark dealer, Callen is proud to offer this elegant cabinetry option. For more information, give us a call today at (414) 765-2585 or visit our Muskego showroom and let’s discuss your next project!

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